Thursday, April 22, 2010

Zoe Saldana Owns Me

Maybe I'm still riding high on the memory of Zoe Saldana killing me on Oscars night, but this picture of stunning, shoulder-padded fashion just gave my eyeballs the vapors.

This look made me come back to life, do a couple arm-stretches, then flat-line all over again.

(And considering that she is wearing head-to-toe black, the most "safe" of color choices, that's saying alot.)

Anyway, to get you up to speed, here is Zoe rocking a Balmain dress with Cesare Paciotti shoes at the Los Angeles premiere of "The Losers."

That dress, paired with those killer pumps, looks incredible, and her... how should I say this... non-voluptuous chest allows that plunging neckline to sidestep "hooker" with ease.

And the shoes, girl. The shoes:

I swear, Zoe was built from the ground-up in a Fierce Factory.

And I should know, I work as an unpaid intern at one.

My job description includes acts of:

(occasionally) Queening-Out

It's a difficult job, but... you know.

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