Friday, April 16, 2010

Camilla Kills It, Again and Again.

For some reason, actress Camilla Belle has never really smacked my attention on the ass. (Which is obviously the best way to get attention's attention.)

I mean, she is totally beautiful and possesses a set of eyebrows not to be fucked with (which I love)...

But I couldn't tell you the name of a single movie she's been in, other than her debut, "When a Stranger Calls."

Well, an actress doesn't need good movies to get my attention, because, after being enlightened to the fact that she (or her stylist) has some serious fashion chops, I am now a full-fledged fan.

Watch in awe as this Hollywood starlet absolutely murders each of these poor, unsuspecting looks:

 Bludgeoning an Alexander McQueen dress.

Choking the life out of a Giorgio Armani creation

 Pushing a Valentino beauty down a flight of stairs.

Setting a Jason Wu dress on fire. 

Putting a plastic baggie over a second Alexander McQueen garment's face.

Stabbing the heart of an Yves Saint Laurent gown.

Slipping some cyanide into the drink of yet another Jason Wu dress.


It's a bloodbath, ladies and gentlemen.

And something tells me that "The Fashion Police" are gonna be of absolutely no help to us here. 

(After all, our girl Camilla would simply send them right back to the precinct with rug-burns on their cheeks and clumps of dirt stuck in their hair...)

Ms. Belle is not. playing.

I'm just glad that I'm now aware of this murderous force of fashion, especially when there's no telling where she may strike next.

A word of advice:

The next time you get a knock on your door, be sure to look through the peep-hole before opening it...

And if it happens to be Camilla Belle, go change into your "laundry day" outfit...  

You'll thank me later.

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