Monday, August 2, 2010

All Hail the Queen...

The Vampire Queen of Louisiana, Sophie-Anne, from HBO's "True Blood," that is.

Played by Evan Rachel Wood, this 400 year old vampiress is a shining beacon of 1920's fashion on a show rampant with backwoods flannel and southern-fried cut-offs...

Needless to say, she's my favorite character.

As a (relatively) young vampire, this fangs-bearing monarch is petulant, spoiled, and entitled.

In other words: the true definition of a queen. (Is it any wonder, then, that I feel a special kinship with her?)

Now, let's take a tour around her Queendom, shall we?

The Pad:

Obviously inspired by the ocean, homegirl's playpen is a den of opulence, complete with a light-up skylight that allows her to go faux-sunbathing:

Clad in only the most chic of vintage bathing suits.

The Routine:

As royalty, Sophie-Anne spends most of her time doing pretty much what one would expect from a young woman of privilege...

Sitting around... playing "Yahtzee."

Sitting around... reading vintage issues of "Vogue."

You'll notice that, like so many monarchs, a large portion of her time is comprised of sitting around... 
(That is, when she's not busy with the camera crews from "Vampire Cribs," of course.)

But as we all know, it's not what you do, it's how good you look doing it
So let's move on to...

The Style:

One of the first things you'll notice about Queen Sophie-Anne's sense of style is that she is completely unafraid.

Unafraid of Fur

Unafraid of Harem Pants 

Unafraid of Over-Accessorizing

And unafraid of Getting a Little Blood near her Dress.

... You might also notice her disregard for the concept of "personal space":

And her penchant for wearing some hot-ass pumps:

Yep, combine all of these things with the fact that she can wear the hell out of an outfit:

... and is it any wonder where my allegiance lies?

As Queen Sophie-Anne goes, so goes my nation.