Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Versace For Your Home

Recently, Versace unveiled it's new 2010 Home Collection, boasting an amazing Sunburst round table, (seen above) as well as blown-glass vases and a couple of pieces of furniture.

The line is pretty much exactly what you would expect from Versace:

Bright colors, eye-catching details, and a complete disregard for the concept of modesty:

Alright, now I'm not gonna lie:

I would snatch the nappiest wig off the head of the burliest drag queen for that Sunburst table. (And the ensuing platform-heel-to-crotch beatdown would be well worth it.)

Yet, the blown glass stuff looks kind of uninspired to me.

(But that's probably just because I grew up in a household that was filled to the brim with blown glass pieces that would have made Dr. Seuss reach for the crack pipe.)

Either way, the stripes and checkers paired with a black/white/red color scheme?

... Meh.

I'll text you if I ever have any sort of emotional reaction to these, Donatella

But don't hold your breath.

... Seriously. Don't. I get the feeling the lack of oxygen would cause a disaster of epic proportions on that face of yours. 

And I need you around to provide me with more Altelier Versace fashion porn.

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