Monday, April 5, 2010


This is a shot from Hudson Jeans' Spring 2010 ad campaign, featuring rock offspring Georgia Jagger. (One guess as to who her daddy is.)

Initial Thoughts:

They're shooting for the whole "rocked the bed and then rolled onto the floor" angle. Fine.

Not exactly the most demure of choices for an ad campaign, but it definitely has it's own sweaty brand of sex-haired charm.

Plus, I think her lying on the floor is pretty funny...

Especially considering what Ms. Donatella V served up for us with her Spring 2010 campaign:

"Versace can push Georgia Jagger onto the floor too!"

...The House of V seems instead to be going for the "fell over and nobody will help me up because I'm dressed like Neon Italian Barbie" demographic.

A small market, perhaps,

But certainly one that Donatella holds close to her heart, as it is their devotion that keeps her wigs lookin' fresh!

Really though, I much prefer this campaign.

Even if only for the dresses, which provide a delicious burst of color and energy to each shot.

Whether you prefer bubblegum, lemon-lime, or grape, this collection's got your candy-coated cravings covered.

Plus, the added bonus of shoes that could be classified as a dangerous weapon!

Love you, V.

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