Thursday, April 8, 2010

The Midas Touch

For some odd reason, whenever I go shopping with my brother for anything other than clothing, my motto quickly becomes: "Ooh, get it! You can spray-paint it silver!"

(Seriously. Ask him.)

...Well someone out there must have been listening, because German company The Deli Garage has come out with... wait for it...

Metallic spray-paint. For your food.

Completely edible.

 I. could. die.

Just imagine the jealous stares you'd get as you munched a golden hotdog or crunched away on a silver pickle!

(Err... or any other, less phallic, food items.)

The possibilities are endless!

Furthermore, I have just decided that my life will not be complete until I have been hand-fed a bushel of silver grapes.

"Cleopatra, you wish you could step to this luxury."

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