Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Who Needs a Mace?

Go ahead and try to convince me that this amazing Proenza Schouler hinged box clutch isn't the most ferocious thing you've seen all day.

(And when I say "ferocious," I mean it in both the fashion-sense and the Bitch-back-up-offa-me-before-you-get-a-mouthful-of-my-fashion-sense.)

Sure, you'd have to pile all of your useless crap on top of your phone and spill it all out onto the table top (or floor, or street-corner) in order to actually find any of your personal belongings...

But it's worth it when you consider the possibility of being a simple "clutch-swing" away from being Right all the time.

I mean, who's gonna argue with the girl who has the most stylish of assault weapons hanging from her shoulder?

... Not Me.

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