Tuesday, April 20, 2010

You Comin' or You Goin'?

Amanda Seyfried arrived at the premiere of "Mother and Child" in Los Angeles yesterday dressed in a BodyAmr dress that was full of surprises!

(And no, the surprise isn't the fact that Miss Seyfried has a slanted torso... I'm pretty sure that's just her needing to give her dress's bottom-half a little tug.)

Rather, the surprise came when she turned around:

Gasp. Sigh. Ooh. Ahh.

I love this.

Not only does the rich maroon color of the front perfectly compliment the frosty shades of gray on the back, but the simulated "folded-fabric" graphic print also adds an extra bit of modern style to the look.

(She also really played it well by choosing black shoes and tights, so as not to have too much going on.)

As much as I hate to keep comparing the two "Mean Girls" stars to each other (but not really, though,) I think that Lindsay Lohan should definitely consider borrowing some of this girl's style.

Well, except that she'd probably return it three weeks late, smelling like cigarette butts and soaked in lukewarm vodka...

Hmm... but then again, Amanda could just wring that mess out into a martini glass and have herself an official LiLo Cocktail!

...Okay, I just made myself nauseous. Bad joke.

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