Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Oscar de la Renta's Bride

For his recent Bridal Spring 2010 collection, Oscar de la Renta touched on many different bases.

Of course, there were the classically beautiful, albeit boring, looks (as seen above,) but there were also some great, chuckle-inducing dresses that were simply too good to be ignored.

Let's begin the ceremony:

For the bride who believes herself to be a Hollywood starlet on the red carpet. 
(It's her day, so don't you dare tell her otherwise.)

For the bride who wants a readily-available source of tissues for crying relatives.

For the bride who wants to look like she's recycling her mammy's old dress, even though she actually paid the price of a small car for that doily-looking mess.

 For the bride whose husband is about to fall victim to an "unfortunate accident."
(The Black Widow dress, if you will.)

And finally, my personal favorite...

For the bride who... um, is the most amazing person in the world for even daring to pull this shit. 

Seriously, that dress makes me wanna get married just so I can anger everyone at my wedding.

(You know, because the image of me in a wedding dress just wouldn't adequately get the job done... I go big.)

[photos: coutorture]

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