Wednesday, April 14, 2010

I Bow Down, Mike Ruiz.

If you remember my past post on Kim Kardashian's brush with high fashion, you'll remember how blown away I was by that particular photoshoot.

However, I completely failed to give credit to the actual photographer who single-handedly lifted Miss Kardashian's thick ass up from the Payless gutter and into the couture clouds.

I'm sorry, Mike Ruiz. It won't happen again.

Hell, I've already fully committed his name to memory after checking out his celebrity photo portfolio.

The man seriously has a gift for taking a celebrity's established image and spinning it into wispy, cotton-candy flavored gold:

He can turn Michelle Rodriguez into a woman.

He can turn Lance Bass into a man
(Heavily-mascara'd or not, that is the most butch Ive ever seen him look!)
He can make Jenna Jameson look like a person who sits in a booth at a VIP room, rather than someone who just does dirty things under the table.

He can make Carmen Electra look... like a scary Asian tranny.

He can adequately capture the fabulous brilliance of Parker Posey.

And, perhaps most importantly...

He can actually tame the savage beast that is Miss Piggy.


But those are seriously just a preview of this guy's talent.

His website is filled to the brim with amazing beauty and fashion shots:

You should get over there. As in, now.

You won't regret it.

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