Saturday, April 17, 2010

Victoria's Secret Pin-Ups

Men's magazine GQ UK recently held a photoshoot with the Victoria's Secret Angels in which our favorite catwalk-crawlers acted as modern versions of pin-up girls.

... Now, this isn't exactly innovative, since that is basically the job description of each of these women, albeit with the additional task of speaking (gasp! the pressure!) ...

But that's not what bothers me about this.

Let's take a look:

 Check out the oh-so-classy phallic imagery. 
(Try not to feel inadequate, men. I dare you.)

Followed by the girls dangling some more phallic props around their mouths-areas.
(A subtle stroke of genius, wouldn't you say?)

And finally, for a grand finale of mind-blowingly fresh innuendo, they brought in... 
Oh, forget it. Just see for yourself.

Bad kitty!

That irate-looking cat should have taken the photographer to the side, scratched him on the crotch, and let him know just how predictable and tired these ideas were. 

And hell, the Angels, themselves, should have done the same!

(Although they have a somewhat-valid excuse for keeping their mouths shut, seeing as how they were busy swallowing their dignity.)

Mama Heidi, these girls need your guidance!

Just don't show up dressed as a giant snowflake again.

...It may undermine your credibility.

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