Thursday, April 15, 2010

Windshield-Wipers Not Included

Madame X

Normally, when designing a pair of glasses, visibility is the number one concern for the intended customer.

This is not so with bedazzling sunglasses designer, Jaesyn Burke.

You see, rather than presenting the eye with smooth, clear lenses to gaze through, Burke has instead envisioned her sunglasses as a canvas onto which she can spackle as much sparkle-motion as possible.

In other words, the ol' Gaga-inspired: "If it aint broke, throw some rhinestones on that bitch" approach.

A woman after my own heart:


 In Living Color


 Lookin' Money

 Pink Harem Girl


I'm on-board for the first four, but having tassels constantly hanging in front of you?

Thanks, but no

(I'm not trying to clip those shits to my earlobes every time I feel like sneezing or stuffing my face.)

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