Monday, April 19, 2010

Project Runway Delivered the Goods

This is sort of old news, but I feel like the plastic fashion that these two Project Runway cast-offs created a while ago is still worthy of a post.

Designers Wesley Nault and Daniel Feld didn't last too long during their season of Runway.

In fact, the former was eliminated within the first four episodes, while the latter struggled to impress the judges week-after-week.

Well, apparently these two queens were just holding back, cuz some time after their respective eliminations, they kicked some serious ass in the "Plastics Make It Possible" design competition.

Tasked with creating looks made entirely out of plastic-based materials, such as poly-taffeta and poly-organza, these two homegirls sashayed right past the stiffness of the medium and delivered some ridiculously beautiful garments:

First up is an oceanic goddess who looks like she was birthed from the sea. (And the pearls? A brilliant touch.)

Followed by a stunner of a dress even more ornate and beautiful than the first, looking like the most chic of crustacean exoskeletons...

Granted, the Natalie Portman-esque model isn't hurting the appeal of either of these beauties, but even on a dress form, these would be jaw-droppers.

So the next time your drunk ass has a red plastic "party cup" in your sweaty grip, think about all of the beautiful fashion that could be created from such a humble medium.

Cue the gaggle of plastic cup-bras, fastened together with dental floss and duct tape.

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