Wednesday, April 7, 2010


When I first saw this shot from Weider Silveiro's Fall 2010 runway show, my heart went out to this poor model.

I mean, how bad would you feel if you were trying your best to do your job of looking pretty, and a designer basically puts a brown bag (the international symbol of fuggery) over your face?

Would you laugh?


Tell yourself that it couldn't possibly get any worse?

... Well, I'm sorry to say, Silveiro really has a knack for humiliation, because this was his closing look:

Turns out, there is something worse than having a bag over your face.

It's called: Having a gaggle of zombie heads making "Ooh, gurl, you ugly" faces over your shoulder.

Remember a little holiday called Halloween, ladies? ... Yeah, you're never gonna want to celebrate it again.

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