Friday, April 30, 2010

Rotten Peaches

These are a few "modeling" shots of the UK's (least) favorite nepotist, Peaches Geldof, promoting her friends' vintage clothing store, The Cobra Shop, by donning some of the rags that they have for sale.

Well, I'm sorry to say (but not really) that homegirl looks like the drunkiest drunk at a Saturday night house party, whose clumsy table-dancing routine forces the homeowners to kick her ass out onto the front lawn.

Then, in a desperate attempt at regaining some lost confidence, Drunky-Peaches demands that her (also drunk) friend take some "hawt" pictures of her outside to show everyone "just what they're missing."

Well, show them you did, Peaches.

"No, don't take my picture. Oh, wait... I just asked you to, didn't I? Okay, then do."

"Wait, I need to pull my dress down. I wanna look classy... Did you take the picture yet? This feels unnatural."

"Okay, bitch, I'm gonna put my leg up on this tree. That's fashiony, right? Don't spill my drink, it's on the grass right by your foot."

"Why are you standing sideways? God, you're so drunk. Stop embarrassing me!"

"Okay, now make sure you get the 'pretty' angle of my face in this one... Why are you laughing? Did you take it yet?"


Thinking about it now, this photoshoot actually makes me wanna become best friends with Peaches.

Was that the intent? Does it matter?

Although, she is giving me shades of Allison from America's Next Top Model in a couple of these, which can only be a good thing:

... You know, minus the actual modeling potential.

Hell, Peaches' friends should have just booked Allison for this shoot instead.

Her dedicated ass would've fully committed to the "drunk girl" angle, splashed her drink over her head, and worked. it. out.

Sigh... If I ran the world.

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