Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Pay My Bills

Lindsay Lohan recently held a photoshoot of herself to push her clothing line, 6126, onto an unsuspecting public.

The focus is mainly on leggings, but she says that she will soon begin to "create" dresses, hoodies, and cardigans...

The shoot apparently took place in the abandoned industrial warehouse that Lindsay has been living in for the past few months, and I can't think of a more appropriate setting in which to shoot these elegant creations.

Like all the best photoshoots, it seems as though Lindsay has a story to tell with this!

(Make sure you're up to date on all your vaccinations before proceeding.)

A Day In the Life of Li-Lo:

"Lindsay stumbles into consciousness, still drunk from the night before."

"Lindsay spends a few hours basking in the warm glow of the spotlight... or, rather, the industrial stage light she had installed by her crack-pals."

"Lindsay puts on her shiniest leotard and tries to remember where she is and what she's doing. 'Oh yeah. Working.'"

"Lindsay marvels at the production values of her official '6126' logo. Crack money well-spent!"

"Lindsay finishes her day by washing her hair with hand sanitizer and Palmolive... The life of a star." 


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