Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Bust Out Your Fine-Toothed Comb...

... cuz the pieces from Iris Van Herpen's Fall 2010 collection are simply begging for a closer inspection.

These laser-cut metallic and leather garments are mind-blowingly ornate in their design, and perfect for the woman who wants to look like she murdered a couple dozen Slinkies to create her ensemble.

Works for me, as all of my childhood Slinkies seemed to tangle up mere seconds after being opened. 

(It might have had something to do with the fact that I would immediately craft neck-braces and headwraps out of them, but still... Cheap.)

Dramatic, elaborate, and aggressively fierce

... Coincidentally, the exact adjectives that I hoped to achieve when wrapping those damned things around my dome as a child, only minus the pulled-hairs and tears of frustration.

My seven-year-old self salutes you, Iris, and he'll take the bronze look in size Large... He has someone that he owes a gift to!

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