Sunday, March 21, 2010

Tour of Gorgeous-Glam, Part 1

Atelier Versace is probably the first name that comes to my mind when someone mentions gorgeous, glamorous gowns.

Sure, there are many other designers that definitely lay it down on the red carpet from time to time, but none have consistently presented awe-inspiring looks, season-after-season, the way that Ms. Versace has.

The woman knows the meaning of the word "impact," and it shows in every look she creates.

The first of the three "conventional" dresses that I'm going to cover in this post, this white silk sable and soft leather gown is an intricate stunner.

The majority of the focus is on the bustier, which is adorned with tiny mirrors and metallic chains to create an embroidery that manages to evoke an air of hardness while not clashing with the soft silhouette of the dress.

However, I'm not much of a fan of white dresses.

(I just don't see the point of omitting all colors when one has so many choices in which to play... Personal preferences.)

Be that as it may, this dress is still absolutely gorgeous, due to those details. Not too "out-there," but still daring enough to justify the somewhat uninspiring color choice.

And it manages to avoid the harrowing "does it look like a wedding dress" conundrum that seems to haunt every white dress in existence. Not too shabby.

Next up, let's take a dip in the metallic pool:

This is just a total stunner.

I love the jeweled chains that frame the bustier, the hanging chains that seem to comprise it in it's entirety, and... well, pretty much everything about this dress.

The color is silken gorgeousness, the shoulder treatment is beautiful and interesting, and I am simply putty for dresses that make their wearer look like they were just dipped in them. Absolutely adore.

Making the transition from silver to gold...

Another metallic stunner, but in a completely different vein.

Once again, the majority of the interest is aimed towards the bustier, and this sucker doesn't disappoint.

I love how the fabric is folded and woven across her torso, and how the flatness on half of the bodice creates such a smooth, complimentary contrast point.

Again, no expense was spared in the shoulders, as we are once again treated to beautiful bejeweled chains where any less daring designer might simply have settled for strips of fabric.

...Whichever lucky stylist snags this gem for their client come awards season is due for a raise, cuz surely he/she would have had to fight a couple of snatch-fisted bitches to secure it.

And it would have been a worthwhile effort.

Next up: Round 2!


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