Sunday, March 7, 2010

Viktor & Rofl

... and no, that is not a typo.

Nor is it intended as a diss to Viktor & Rolf's Fall 2010 showing.

You see, any collection that can make me laugh while also providing me with some "over-the-top and don't-give-a-fuck" fashion will always be above my petty criticisms.

As stated, this show was "more for the spectacle than the clothes," but damn if it didn't also provide a couple of chuckles along the way.

And I love me some chuckles. They're low-calorie, and they still manage to leave you feeling full.

(It's worth noting, however, that I only included the most ridiculous looks here. It's kind of the entire point, in my eyes.)

On to the clothes!


These are clothes that say: "For the business-oriented woman who will take no prisoners and have none of the bullshit... Ignoring, of course, the 65 pounds of fuckery that she's somehow managed to climb her way into."

It's a message I wouldn't mind sending to the world!


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