Wednesday, March 17, 2010

It Aint Easy.

Going green, that is.

In honor of St. Patrick's Day, I've decided to focus my attention on fashion in shades of green.

( What, you thought I was gonna talk about the environment? ... Do you know me? )

Throughout the seasons, green has been a color that is usually only touched-on briefly in terms of overall collections.

Sometimes, it offers a bright splash of color, and at others, a dark, brooding sophistication for the woman tired of black.

Regardless, it is my second favorite color (after Queen Blue) so let's get our green sheen on:


"Carmen Miranda was so excited about her lime-green top, but she couldn't help feeling that her outfit was missing something..."


Oscar the Grouch, be warned. This bitch got yo' numba.


*Joke withheld due to lack of necessity*


"For the girl who is planning on having one too many margaritas, and doesn't want to risk visible stains on her dress."

Burberry Prorsum

Don't Ask where she got it, Don't Tell the amount paid.

Elie Saab

Don't feel sorry for her. She's just pouting cuz they didn't have it in midnight blue. Diva.


She seems to have gotten a little tangled up while putting this on... 

(But all jokes aside, this is gorgeous, and in a tone that is so fearlessly... green.)

 ...None, however, compare to this next one.

This is my all-time favorite green dress, created by John Galliano for the Christian Dior 60th Anniversary show at Versailles. 

"... I'd pinch that." 

Happy St. Patrick's Day, from me to you.

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