Friday, March 26, 2010

Suck it, Fashion.

... Did your sweet tooth just go limp and drop to the floor in an overwrought display of fashion-related dramatics?

Yeah. So did mine.

These lollipops, shot by still life photographer Massimo Gammacura, are colorful, sugary-sweet, and pretty much the most fashionable things you can put past your lips.

That is, unless your name happens to be Lorenzo Martone... (Zing!)

They come in flavors Haughty, Stuck-Up, Pretentious, and Better-Than-You...

No, but really, just take a look at them and you'll be able to suss out the flavors for yourself!

Obviously, these are not meant for actual human consumption. 

Instead, simply dangle them around your mouth-area while giving mean-spirited smirks to the BlowPop and Dum-dum-licking scrubs around you.

... They'll know what's up.

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