Thursday, March 18, 2010

Steaming Cup of Fashion

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That's what Pret-a-portea is offering potential consumers with this new line of "Fashion Teabags."

From what I can tell, the tea comes in the following flavors:

Naomi Campbell - clutching onto her weapon of choice. Sure to get bloodstains and hair tracks in your tea, so use with caution.

Jean Paul Gaultier - with a smile on his face and an adorable striped shirt. Turn your cone bra upside-down and use it as a cup!

Claudia Schiffer - ...uh, really? I had to look this one up. Totally shoulda been Kate Moss. That way, if there was a myserious white powder wafting around your tea, you could just blame the sugar.

Karl Lagerfeld - just in case you want your tea to be less sweet and more bitter. Drink only while wearing sunglasses, or your tea might splash you in the face...

Donatella Versace - They. gave. her. wonky. boobs. I. died.

Really though, these are adorable, and at roughly ten bucks, a total steal for such hilarious conversation pieces.

Just don't think about it too much, otherwise you'll soon come to realize that you have a mini-fashionista bathing in a cup, and you're drinking his/her dirty bathwater.

Bottoms up! (Or Not.)

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