Monday, March 8, 2010

Confusion Reigns

When I first saw Sarah Jessica Parker in this Chanel gown on the red carpet, my reaction was thus:

"Oooh... uhh. hmm... what?"

I'm usually all-for SJP, with her wildly unconventional brand of beauty and style, but this?

Left me scratching the side of my nose.

In motion, the detailing on the bust-line just looked really stiff and seemed to be falling away from her chest, giving the impression that, at any moment, gravity could take control and SJP's shame would be in plain sight!

As for the dress, itself?

Oddly shapeless, not to mention devoid of any real point of interest. Other than that strip of fabric across her neck, the actual form of the garment was just... a big plate of meh-shed potatoes and feh-vy.

Okay, I'm sorry for those horrible puns, but you get the idea.

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