Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Child's Play

Tim Macpherson is a British advertising photographer whose work pretty much grabbed my inner-child by the arm and yanked him right into it's world.

I'm talking about the years of our lives during which building "forts" out of pillows made an afternoon, and going out to "play" with our friends always promised a good time.

The images he's created here are basically imagination, captured in a photograph:

At the risk of sounding overly-sentimental, my inner-child just got hungry and started bitching at me, so I'm just gonna shove him back down where he belongs: with my humility and shame. No worries!

And, to get us back on the fashion-track, the man takes a mean beauty shot, as well:


Great, now my inner-child just got a craving for rock candy and a hankering for a new application of mascara.

... I can't help but love him!

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