Friday, March 26, 2010

Leather and Lace

Here's Emma Watson stepping out in New York City for the LONDON show ROOMS cocktail party, wearing a dress from the Christopher Kane Fall 2010 collection.

To be honest, my first viewing of this collection left me completely underwhelmed.

In fact, when discussing it with a friend, I remarked that Kane had seemingly managed "to find the link between schoolmarm and 7-year-old girl."

Well, interestingly enough, I couldn't think of a more apt description for Hermione Granger's personal style aesthetic.

As a result, her wearing a dress from the collection actually looks pretty good to my eyes.

Ignoring both her "I want to pistol-whip my stylist" expression and apparent disregard for hair and makeup, the rough-looking leather and colorful, girlish embroidery provide a pretty high level of interest, especially for a cocktail dress.

And the actual length of the skirt, (ie: pretty damn short) manages to avoid making her look like the Whore of Hogwarts, due to her more-or-less covered up top half.

(But take away that lace and those little sleeves, and homegirl would seriously look ready to turn some tricks in exchange for spells... Just sayin'.)

Sure, the wonky bustline might make it seem like she only brought the lower half of her boobs with her to the party...

But the overall look, while somewhat confusing, is still kinda pretty in a very British way.

In other words, the perfect outfit for Hermione Granger!

Now if only there was a spell for getting rid of bitchface...

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