Monday, March 29, 2010

Breaking News

Katy Perry is a Gay Man.

... How else would you explain how every single outfit she chooses makes me want to get onto my tip-toes, strut over to her stylist, and whisper, "One for me too!" into her ear?

Seen here in her Kid's Choice Awards outfit, from The Blonds' 2010 collection with matching Louboutins, Katy Perry hit up that orange carpet like a bright splash of Gay!

Sparkles and rainbows may be in short supply for some, but she is carrying.

I don't need drugs, Katy Perry. I just need you to make sure to keep forgetting to take your medication.

Also? Major points for the acrylic hair. Now you just need to whip it off while lip-syncing to Beyonce, and you'll be an official, card-carrying member of the club.

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