Thursday, March 25, 2010


This image, from The Sartorialist, was taken off the streets of Milan.

See, this is why I would throw a pebble at a baby duckling for the chance to live in Europe again.

(... And I hope that little ducky has a major credit card and traveler's checks on his person, cuz I would need to do some serious shopping before showing my face on the Milano scene...)

Really though, do you see how everything about her ensemble is working overtime for this woman?

Hell, even her unruly hair curl seems to mimic the ruffles on that ridiculously fabulous coat.

Hmm... On second thought, maybe it's a good thing I don't live in Italy, because if I were to see this on the streets? I would totally fag-out and ask for her autograph...

"Can you just sign it, Beautiful-Amazingness?"

... But ehh, but you know what they say:
You haven't fully experienced a culture until you've seen what the inside of it's holding cells look like!

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