Thursday, March 11, 2010

Close call

The Sun is reporting that Lady Gaga was wearing this traffic-sign mess of an outfit on a flight from London to the States when the flight attendants became concerned about her safety.

You see, when Gaga opts for a skin-tight outfit, she means skin. tight.

Apparently, this latex-looking frock was cutting off the circulation to her legs, and the airline was worried that it might give the singer a potentially life-threatening blood clot in her thighs.

Okay. Stop.

Could you imagine?

"Sir, I'm sorry, but those jeans you're wearing? Um.. they don't FIT.

Could you maybe try and change into something more appropriate for your body-type?"

... Hmmm.

No one bothered to tell me that part of a flight attendant's job description is getting to tell ridiculous people that their ridiculous outfits are ridiculous.

Sign me up and ship. me. out.

 [photo: flynet]

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