Monday, March 15, 2010

Black-and-White Hotness

To put it simply: I effing love Givenchy's Spring-Summer 2010 ad campaign.

Now trust me, I am well aware of the fact that the "gaggle of models against a white background" has been a well-worn campaign formula since before I was born.

(Hell, I remember seeing those Calvin Klein CK One ads on TV when I was in third grade and thinking to myself, "Um... What's the big deal?")

...Well, I've since come to realize that in it's simplicity, the formula finds it's own beautiful brand of genius:

To present the viewer with minimal distractions while showcasing great-looking people modeling some great-looking clothing.

And in the case of the Givenchy campaign: Done and done.

Sure, the slack-jawed faces on some of the male models do almost border on parody, but still...

The grouping of these beautiful individuals almost seems to be asking the viewer:

"Don't you want to be hanging with this crowd? Well, take a look down at what you're wearing. Do you really think you'd fit in? You'd ruin the whole look of the group! ...Of course, there is one way that you could accomplish this goal you have... but you probably wouldn't be interested..."

And presto! Clothing sold.

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