Thursday, March 18, 2010

Runaway Fashion

Here are Kristen Stewart and Dakota Fanning at the NYC Premiere of their new movie, The Runaways.

I must admit, while grading their sartorial offerings, it became apparent that these two are on completely different levels in my mind.

Dakota is consistent in choosing age-appropriate, adorable little dresses that stick to the same silhouette but still manage to come off as fresh-looking.

Kristen, on the other hand, has seared my retinas more than once by repeatedly donning some slouchy, frumpy messes that seem to match her generally-unkempt demeanor. (That came off a little harsh...I don't dislike the girl, I swear.)

So, to have them standing side-by-side while promoting this movie is kind of like... a Blow-up Doll standing next to a Porcelain Doll. 

Of course the Porcelain is gonna look better, but if the Blow-up manages to avoid repulsing you, you kinda have to give her props.

Let's get started:

This cream Elie Saab dress that Dakota is rocking-the-hell-outta is a perfect look for a bright young star like her.

The color compliments her skin tone without making her look overly pale or washed-out, and the light-catching bead detailing is providing just enough interest to keep this (relatively) simple dress from being boring.

The shoes are practically a non-entity, but would you look at her poise? This girl is 16.

(An imagined exchange between Dakota and your Typical 16 year-old:

Typpy: "Like, OMG. I was like F-U and she was like WTF and I was like GTFO!"
Dakota: "...Can you please not talk to me? I have a movie coming out and alot on my mind. Thanks.")

This girl manages to come off as having an old soul while still seeming youthful, and her fashion choices always have the same effect. Don't know how she does it.

Moving on:

She looks like a tin foil-wrapped prostitute.

...Kidding, kidding!

Sure, the bust of this Pucci dress is a little too low-cut.

And the dress itself may be slightly too short.

And it's possible that those shoes manage to somehow come off as both boring and slutty...

But, as I said before, it's Kristen Stewart, and this is one of the few times where it looks like she actually gave a damn while getting dressed.

I mean, the colors are far from expected, and the sequined fabric and construction of the dress create a lot of visual candy for the eye to take in.

Plus, this is a higher level of glamour than we're used to seeing from Kristen, so points should be awarded for raising her game.

To summarize:
Porcelain: Smooth and fair.
Blow-up: Shiny and semi-vulgar.

Aaand the world still makes sense...

[photos: Getty]

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