Friday, March 19, 2010

Skin problem?

Here's Amanda Seyfried looking totally adorable in Valentino while accepting an award for Breakthrough Female Star of the Year in Las Vegas.

At first glance, this seemed flawless.

The color is mature, but manages to side-step "boring" due to all of the pretty details of the dress, such as the chic one-shoulder treatment at the top.

The elegant-yet-playful hemline of the skirt, including that classy, subtle ruffle, adds just the right amount of interest without bringing the look into "red carpet" territory.

Plus, the shoes (while not exactly earth-shattering,) are totally cute.

.... But if you look a little closer :

... That totally unnecessary, flesh-colored fabric makes it look like she has some skin issues, when clearly her skin is fine. It looks like she forgot to wash part of her body in the shower, so there's some dirty unpleasantness going on.  

Not chic.

I mean, why the need? Was she self-conscious about showing her... above-boob area? Does she think her left clavicle is fat?

I guess we'll never know...

(For the record, I happen to think that my left clavicle is totally the opposite of fat. That's why I'm constantly doing the haute couture shoulders hunched-forward pose in the mirror. It makes my chest look positively bony and I love it... You're welcome!)

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