Sunday, March 7, 2010

When I was 19...

 I was doing non-kosher shit such as that seen in the picture above.

(Editor's Note: I found that picture by Google-image search: drinking.)

I figured I was doing pretty well for myself, considering that I was not yet legal and thus, ahead of the curve. (I was always a gifted child...)

Turns out?

I was a slug.

A lay-about.

A bump (the kind found on a log, you druggie.)

Because, you see, Brazilian 19-year-old Pedro Lourenco?

Instead of crafting home-made beer bongs and rummaging through trash at parties to find a cup for the keg, he has spent the dawn of his 20's creating stuff like this:

Now I'll give you a moment to call your parents and apologize for wasting the life that they so foolishly chose to give you.

Don't worry, I'll be here when you get back. Already made that call, myself.


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