Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Oh, you're surprised, are you?

Here's a paparazzi-shot of Jennifer Love Hewitt's 1998-lovin' ass buying some jeans at the mall.

I kinda love how Jennifer isn't even afraid to show not only her awareness of the cameras, but how she is totally having all of it. 

Give her a couple minutes, and I'm sure she'd start in with the theatrics:

"This dress is pretty?" *Hand over the mouth, roll eyes back*

"Those pants are ugly?" *Crinkle that nose, make a stinky face!*

... And remember those "fat" pictures of her in a bikini that surfaced awhile ago?

How much do you wanna bet that those jeans she's holding in her claw are about four sizes too small?

(Side note: that may or may not be something that I totally do when I see a hotness while shopping... Pick up an article of clothing way too small to fit me, then toss it aside as though it would give my expensive ass a rash if I even bothered to try it on...)

That's why I love this budding actress so much: she's just so relatable!

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