Wednesday, March 10, 2010

... Alright, who told the models it was okay to drink?

During Talbot Runhof's Fall 2010 show, one of the models obviously over-imbibed on the champagne they had backstage, and ended up a sloppy mess on the runway.

Confused and disoriented, she reverted back to the years of her girlhood, during which she was forced to practice ballet for hours-on-end until she got it just right.

Panicked and emotionally overwrought, the poor model began to dance.

...Like her life depended on it.

She threw herself across the room, gasping for air and sweating like a hippo in a cake shop.

The show slammed to a halt.

Jobs were lost.

Careers were ended.

And a model's misguided dreams of becoming the prima ballerina were finally put to rest...

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