Thursday, March 11, 2010

Showin' em how it's done.

Here's a shot of Heidi Klum from her new Marie Claire photo shoot.

You know, bubblegum-lips aside, I think Heidi looks pretty great.

That bright, icy-blue is really adding a touch of springtime-lightness to the shot (I'm so gay), and she looks comfortable and confident in the dress.

However, those shoulder ruffles kinda look like they're tired of... ruffling, so to speak, and instead want to just kinda hang on the garment.

And when you're a woman who is constantly working the "look how the laws of physics don't apply to my body" angle that Heidi does, one would think that "sagging" and "droopy" would be adjectives you'd want to stay far, far away from.

But ehh, it's Heidi, so I'll just join the crowd and end this with:


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