Monday, March 22, 2010

Well, she didn't get cast for her good looks...

Upon hearing that Natalia Vodianova, one of my favorite models, had been cast in the new Ridley Scott movie Clash of the Titans, I was pretty pumped...

She's playing Medusa, queen of the gorgons, with a full head of snakes as her hairstyle and a gaze that turns men to stone as her calling card.

I tried to temper my excitement, however, due to the fact that the last time I got excited for a model's big-screen debut...

"You're gonna be a star, Gemma!"

... it ended in heartbreak:

 "Err... actually, you're gonna keep this mask on. For the entire movie."

Well, it seems that once again, Hollywood just can't let models be pretty.
(I guess they're afraid of them stealing the sheen from the actresses or something...)

... Because this?

Is not Natalia Vodianova.

This is a videogame creature... who would never get booked for a runway show or ad campaign.

Ah well... I'm still gonna see the movie, and Medusa is still gonna be my favorite character.

So take that, Hollywood.

... I win?

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