Thursday, March 25, 2010

Turkish Delight

Recently, a considerable amount of the love that I had for Canadian supermodel Jessica Stam had been dwindling.

Her new (severely downgraded) runway walk and misguided boob job even had me questioning whether or not she still held court as the Queen Bee of Modeldom in my mind...

Yes, that's how my mind works. And the hierarchy is as follows:

Jessica Stam - Queen of Strut  (for her runway walk)
Coco Rocha - Princess of Pose  (for her editorial capabilities.) 
Lara Stone - Duchess of Angry-Fierceness  (for her amazing bitchface)

Getting back to the point of this post, however, she just hadn't inspired or excited me in a long time.

... Then, I took a look at the flagship issue of Vogue Turkey, and the love came rushing back.

 [Click Through for Full-Size Images.]

The teased-hair, the metallics, the accessories, the shoes, the girl.

I love it all.

I just hope she keeps this momentum up and continues to get booked for shoots and shows like she used to.


Current "It-Girl" Abbey Lee Kershaw also recently shot a cover, for Vogue Korea.

... Do you see the distinction?

This is why Jessica Stam cannot fade into obscurity.

Because Whore-Beast Corpse Brides are waiting in the wings to crawl up and take her place!

(Editor's Note: I have actually grown to love Abbey Lee... but that shot is still horrifying.)

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