Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Alls well that ends well!

Do you remember the story of Knut, the first polar bear in thirty years to be born-and-raised in the captivity of a Berlin Zoo?

He melted everyone's hearts with his adorableness.

Well, mostly everyone.

His hater-mother rejected him, and he was forced to be raised by the zoo-keepers.


Well, Knut is all grown-up now and ready to burst back onto the international scene!

And, surely as a result of the issues of abandonment that he faced as a youngster, he's gone through some... changes.

Knut, come on out!

 You see, Knut has finally grown into the woman he was always meant to be!

He's loved, feared, and fashionably bitchy now, with the help of our good ol' friend Karl Lagerfeld.

Karl decided that Chanel's Fall 2010 show was the perfect venue in which the world would be reintroduced to the polar bear who melted the hearts of thousands...

Well, get ready, world, because now he's looking to break some hearts!

[photos: style.com]

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