Sunday, March 21, 2010

What the Bleugh?


Now, I'd hate to come off as being contradictory here, seeing as how I constantly applaud fearless innovation in design...

But, ahem, Mr. Dominic Jones?

You might have gone a leetle too far with this bold idea of yours.

Shot for Vice Magazine, these shots showcase his latest line of jewelry, seemingly inspired by oceanic life.

"Life," being a relative term of course, because I'm sure the octopus and crab who are now qualified for handicapped-parking permits would have a few things to say about that...

Anyways, for better or worse, here they are:

*Deep breath*

... Okay.

Now, the snails? Are totally excusable, mostly due to the fact that you can tell just by looking at the little camera-whores that they were dying for a shot in the spotlight...

The fish heads, however? Look positively mortified to have been involved in this mess.

They obviously didn't want to be there, and would prefer to chill in a cool body of water rather than be subject to the unforgiving florescent lighting of a photoshoot.

This is not the look...

Now, I am going to excuse myself, and before you ask:  

No, I am not going to go rummaging through the dumpster behind the nearest Long John Silver's...  

(Except that I totally am.)

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