Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Who Wore It Better? (SMG OBV.)

If you heard someone rummaging around in your closet last night, chances are it was Sarah Michelle Gellar trying to find her next outfit...

While Google-searching images of SMG recently, (former Buffy-freak force of habit) I realized that the tiny, ferocious starlet has found herself face-to-face with many other celebrities who've had the nerve to wear the same outfits as her!


Liv Tyler, go change!

Kate Bosworth, stop biting!

Iman, you look like TRASH!

Lucy Liu, your Momma's a BITCH!

Christina Ricci, I'm gonna KICK. YOUR. ASS!

... Whew. That was exhausting. 

(Not to mention emotionally-draining.)

I can only assume that, since Buffy is over and she has no more vampires to confront, she's began to stalk the personal stylists to the stars... 

Welcome to my life, Sarah... Welcome to my life.

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