Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Body in the Clothes

People always talk about "the power of clothing," and how an outfit can transform a person, both inside and out.

I mostly agree with the potential of these kinds of statements, but what I also find intriguing is the effect that a garment's wearer can have on the clothing, itself.

For instance, is an ugly dress only an ugly dress until the right person puts it on?

(These are the kinds of deep, world-altering thoughts that keep me up at night...)

Take, for instance, this Prada dress worn by none other than Ms. Anna Wintour, herself:

Now, knowing what I know about this woman, including her strict adherence to only the most daring and chic of fashion, my first thought upon seeing this look on this woman was:

"She looks amazing. The print of the dress itself is bright, fearless, and fun while the print on the detailing is a bold and eye-catching contrast point. She must have seen this in the Vogue offices and liked it. So do I."

I mean, after all, it's Anna Wintour.

A few months later, however, I came across this picture, of Dana Delany at the Independent Spirit Awards:

And thought to myself:

"Oh, Jesus. It looks like someone ate a bowl of Fruity Pebbles and threw up on her. Poor woman."

...Yeah. So where does this leave us?

Is it just a sad fact that an outfit only holds as much power as the person inside of it?

Or is the exact opposite true, and we must surrender ourselves to fashion completely (something that Ms. Wintour has indisputably done) if we are to reap the full benefits of our clothing?

Hmm.. maybe both of those questions are irrelevant, and this proves nothing more than the fact that I'm just a fickle fashion bitch.

... But then, aren't we all.

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