Saturday, March 6, 2010

I feel sick... time to stretch...

My mind, that is.

See, semi-recently, I came across this artist named Tauba Auerbach.

...Tauba is not like you and me...

Her work is so mind-pleasing to work out that she leaves you feeling like these pieces must have been crafted from some higher authority.

Because if not, how could she ever have thought of that?

... and you'll start to feel inadequate.

And frustrated.

So really, it's best just to take it as some really great stuff, and proceed.


... I was debating whether or not I should point out the genius in each one, but I'm just gonna go ahead and assume that, if you're reading this, you can do that on your own.

And just to tie it in to the fashionverse:

Think about how amazing a t-shirt with any one of these screen-printed onto it be would be. 

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