Saturday, March 6, 2010


Issey Miyake's Fall 2010 collection was comprised of several different categories of "looks," in my eyes.

(Sorry, but in order to protect my fragile psyche from sensory-overload, its just safer for me to compartmentalize and categorize all this cuh-rayzee fashion.)

Now, onto the show:

There were fascinating knitted pieces, which managed to achieve a meticulously thought-out look while still giving an impression of playfulness. Undeniably unique, but with a certain stiffness and awareness-of-protocol to them.

Also present were the head-scratching, imagination-stroking looks that seemed to be straight out of a child's Dream Wardrobe.

Aggressively bright and unfailingly imaginative, these looks most definitely required a decidedly adult level of attention-to-detail and planning on the designer's part.

It's a credit to his skill-level that they look so... slapped together.


And finally, they closed the show with a few looks that I'll refer to as "Wait, What?" pieces.

You know, the kind of runway showings that seem like your typical ferociousness at first glance, but then you do a double-take and its all, "Ooh, I see what they did there. Neat!"

Particularly the last two, comprised of countless little squares of black organdy, which somehow managed to not only harness the element of pitch-black smoke, but craft it into a jacket in which only the most fearless fashionista could find a home. 

"Double-take" looks, for sure.

I realize that it's becoming something of a personal motto for me, but really:

The wearability of these clothes is beside the point.


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