Friday, March 5, 2010

Outlook Unsure...

Oh, shit...

According to the website, Gareth Pugh is apparently the front runner to pick up the sash and scepter left on the floor by Alexander McQueen for the late designer's fashion label.

Now, I love me some Gareth, as evidenced by my brief blurb about his most recent collection, found here:

But I love his work and the work of Alexander McQueen in completely different ways. Gareth is a great creative visionary, but his dark and dour outlook can be a bit much for me at times.

Let me put it this way: You know how you have "different kinds" of friends?

Gareth Pugh replacing Alexander McQueen would be like:

"The friend who you can only stand to be around when you're both trashed"

- replacing-

"The friend whose company you love, no matter what the occasion."

In other words, I'm sensing lots of awkward silences between me and the McQueen label in the future...

Then again, I could just be bitchily overreacting, due to the fact that really no one could stand in for McQueen and make me feel like I'm on solid ground.

Jesus, don't I sound like I'd just be a blast to be in a relationship with?

Don't answer that.

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