Friday, March 5, 2010

Oh, Rihanna...

You are so determined to convince the world that you're interesting.

In my opinion, Rihanna is one of those cases where I consider every outfit she wears not to be fashion, but rather a cry-for-attention.

None of it ever makes sense to me.

Her outlandish wardrobe choices don't gel at all with her personality, or lack thereof, and the resulting look is never one of fearlessness, but desperation.

Desperation to keep her record on the charts, her name in peoples' mouths, and her picture in magazines.

Its all so transparent.

Ending my little rant, though, here is Rihanna at the Echo Awards in Berlin.

...What else is there to say?

Other than:

"Bitch looks like a bowl-cut little boy on top, and a slutty superhero on the bottom... both from the 1980's."

Oh, and RiRi?


Lady Gaga just told me that she thinks you look stupid and that you should go change.

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