Friday, March 5, 2010

In my mind...


... the story that precedes this photo, taken at a Louis Vuitton party, is hot gossip

Read on.

Do you see how Amanda Seyfried is fanning herself while trying to suppress the urge to regurgitate?


That's because she just ran into Lindsay Lohan while stepping outside for a cigarette. 

And wouldn't you know it, the drunken whore-ghost of Mean Girls Past starting screaming gibberish to Mandy about how their career-trajectories should have been switched, and that Lindsay is the one who should have just gotten a Glamour magazine cover. 

And movie roles. And paychecks.

Here's her actual quote: 


Then she stumbled away and the night eventually found her pretending to be the DJ at some club:

"Give me my money now."

But...yeah, none of that dumb shit actually happened.

And to be honest, now I feel kinda bad for sucking up a minute of your life. (You'll never get it back.)

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