Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Let's just get this over with...

As a gay with a blog, it was only a matter of time until Lady Gaga poked her sparkling face onto the scene... I tried to exhibit a certain amount of self-control with this, but it ended up being futile.

The woman catches the eye, and holds onto it like it was a disco-stick tryin' to bop its way off the dance floor.

The picture above was taken as Gaga arrived at a restaurant in London.

The headpiece? Phillip Treacy, of course.
The accompanying outfit? Haus of Gaga, I assume, as it was a modified version of one of her stagewear pieces.

Sooo, here's where the restraint once again must come into play.

Do I :

1. Make a comment on how she looks like a horror movie psychiatric nurse?
2. Comment on how it looks like that lobster is trying to move in for some 69-style action with Gaga's face?
3. The titty-tape?
4. The two-toned yellow hair which happens to clash with that claw-thingy on her wrist? (Gasp! Fashion faux-pas!)


5. Just say those three magic words which seem to exonerate this laydee from any and all forms of criticism?

Sigh... ITS. LADY. GAGA.

Enough said.

[photo: celebrity-gossip.net]

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