Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Encore! Encore!


In a recent article posted by New York Magazine, Naomi Campbell once again is being sought for questioning (and sedating) after allegedly attacking a taxi driver in NYC today. Immediately after, she fled the scene and is still at large. (Lock your doors.)

I'm sorry, but I love this. And her.

And I say that if a couple of people have to get bitch-slapped by this amazonian princess in order for the hilarity to continue, then its a small price to pay!

I mean, have you ever considered just how difficult it is to not slap the hell out of your employees? The poor woman must have been living in her own private hell while on probation!

Naomi, I salute you. And would gladly take a cell phone to the mouth or a diamond-covered fist to the forehead in your honor.

In fact, I think I'm gonna go out to the club right now and find the tallest, darkest drag queen I can find, then accidentally tell her that she very closely resembles Jay-Z. It'll be almost as good as the real thing, I'm sure.

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