Saturday, March 6, 2010

Aurora refers to "glowing lights"? Then Arora is an appropriate name.

Click on Me! ... Seriously.

I was so excitedly moved by Indian designer Manish Arora's Fall 2010 collection that I made the decision to dedicate a post to his Fall-Winter collection from last year.

*Takes a breath*

...And let me tell you: This is reality-bending in a whole other way. Believe me when I say you want to click through to the larger images of these pieces to see the INSANE level of detail. Believe me.

This time, before setting his sights on bright neons and swirling patterns, Arora focused his eye onto the natural flora and fauna of the world.

The results?

Garments that supply the wearer with their own bejeweled pet... or twin pets, if the mood strikes.

Beaded mosaics of animals' faces that stretch across the entire body, effectively making it a canvas for these pieces of art. The effect is just as amazing as it sounds.

Printed dresses that remind the eye of natural elements, yet still maintain a sense of whimsical intrigue... (basically those "Oh... whoa..." pieces.)

And finally, a dress that is covered with oversized, brightly-colored flowers, calling to mind the lush flora found in the fantastical jungles of movies like Fern Gully and Avatar. (... Sorry, but it does.)

The world that the woman who wears any of these pieces is inhabiting? I want in.


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