Thursday, March 4, 2010

Wonderland's Foinest

This post is the first of two dedicated to the fashion scene (and seen) at the Royal World Premiere of Alice in Wonderland that took place in London in last week.

As you can tell by the entry's title, this particular post is gonna focus mainly on the good that showed up on the red(green) carpet.

And don't worry, there was some good. Not much, but some.

Anne Hathaway in Vivienne Westwood

Hmm... my first instinct upon seeing this photo was "Its shiny, its tight, she rocks it. Done and done."

However, upon further inspection, there are a couple of things that are scratching at my nips with this one:

For one, her boobs look like they simply got folded-up into the bust of the dress. 

Anne is a young girl. I seriously doubt that her boobs are fold-able at this point. 

Two: I kiiinda wish the hemline was brought up about three or four inches. Not for the increased slut-factor (maybe a little,) but just because it looks a little bit... off-kilter

Aw hell, who am I trying to impress? If I had my way, homegirl would've ripped the bottom off at the hip and been on her way.  

And she would have had a fabulous night.

Also?  The shoes are blagooky. ( fancy word meaning: boring at best.)

But still: The overall look is clean and sexy, and the color works with her alabaster skin-tone and dark hair. 

Anne gets to keep her head.

Helena Bonham-Carter-Burton-LeStrange (nah) in Vivienne Westwood

...Are we sensing a theme here in the designer-of-choice for these ladies? You'll see why soon.

Here's Bellatrix, fresh out of the asylum and looking quite fresh. For her, anyway.

I'm afraid to say that my love for this woman's work and talent is going to tint my critique of her clothing. 

(I'm sorry, but this lady is like a little English worm who has seriously wriggled her way into my heart. I can't bring myself to be rude about her.)

Besides, she's like Imogen Heap when it comes to fashion: as long as she doesn't show up with dead animals hanging from her person or dangerous objects protruding from her hair, we should all just consider it a sartorial success!

I kind of love the little heart poking out from behind the layers of her skirt. And that jacket looks mighty innerestin' in that Westwood, crazy-cat-lady kinda way.

As the actress who portrayed the Red Queen, however, I would have liked to have seen more color.

Still, Bellatrix is keeping that crazy head of hers on, at least until the next time she loses it. (Which will be soon.)

Mia Wasikowska in Valentino Couture

Okay, I'll be honest. 

Homegirl does kinda look like she's wearing a pretty gothic tablecloth as her skirt, but when taken as a complete look? (Since it is a full dress...)

Elegant, interesting, and perfect for a young actress like herself who wants the world to take notice.

Now mind you, she is only 19, so this look is a little old for her.

But she's a 19 year old. In Valentino Couture.

My ass would wear Victorian doilies and a bib if you told me it was designer couture.

There's no hate here. A slight pang of jealousy, maybe. But no hate.

Love the pixie haircut, as well. A great way for her to break away from being locked into the "Alice" persona before the world even has the chance to associate it with her.

Mia's lucky little head stays on her lucky little couture-clad body.

[photos:, Bauer Griffin]

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